Veterans in Need

DATA ON OC VETERANS                                                                                   

Our Heroes … Our Veterans

In August of 2013 the Little Hoover Commission Reported that California is home to 1.8 million veterans which is more than any other state.  They estimate that the number will grow with 35,000 new Veterans annually.

Veterans Administration estimates that there are 133,000 veterans in Orange County.  This number of Veterans is estimated to grow by 2,600 annually.

This means that Orange County has the third largest population of Veterans in California behind Los Angeles County and San Diego County.  Orange County has the sixth largest veteran population in the United States.

At least 4,500 Veterans are on waiting lists for affordable housing in Orange County.

Only 30% of Orange County Veterans are registered with the VA Healthcare System.

Approximately 10,000 veterans are in school using the GI bill in 19 institutions in Orange County.

In Orange County 6,048 Veterans are unemployed at any one time.

There is an estimated 1,388 Veterans are homeless in Orange County.\

*If you plan on attending this year’s Stand Down, please complete this form and bring it to the event in order to participate.

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